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The 2010 winners in the Australian Marketing Institute’s Awards for Marketing Excellence were announced at a sold-out gala dinner in Melbourne on 13 October as part of the Institute’s Annual Conference. The Awards for Marketing Excellence are presented to organisations and marketers who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective marketing practices. Our aim is to acknowledge exceptional marketing practice and to raise the standards of marketing professionalism.

In each state, we have presented marketing awards to recognise outstanding marketing achievements. The category winners from each state become national finalists and are competing with the national finalists from around Australia.

The judges had specific criteria that had to be met, so in judging the awards emphasis was given to the following elements:

  • The business issue.
  • The solution.
  • The business result
  • The key outcomes that contributed value to the organisation.

The judges focused on these aspects of the marketing campaigns:

  • Superior value.
  • Differentiation.
  • Innovation.
  • Effective use of resources.
  • Measurement. 


A PHOTO GALLERY with downloadable images of the awards ceremony and conference can be accessed at http://gallery.me.com/deany76#100577

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Special Awards

Category winners

The top prize

Sir Charles McGrath Award

The Sir Charles McGrath Award it is presented as recognition of long-term service to marketing and marketing achievement. The late Sir Charles McGrath had a distinguished record of industrial development in Australia. A man of vision, he was an outstanding achiever in every regard.

Sir Charles started with Repco at the age of 15 as the delivery boy on a bike; he rose to become Chairman, holding that position from 1957 to 1980. He was knighted for his services to industry and export. Since 1976, the Sir Charles McGrath Award has been presented to those who have made the most significant contribution to the field of marketing through sound business practice, development of the marketing profession or wider industry achievements.

The winner:

Ian Alwell, Executive Director, Group Marketing and Communications, Nestle Australia Pty Ltd

Ian Alwell is responsible for the ‘consumer interface’ of the Nestleì company and its brands, in all operating divisions. He is responsible for marketing, market research and intelligence, advertising, media, packaging design and pre-press implementation, promotion, sponsorship and events, relationship marketing and the internet for Australia and New Zealand.

Ian is actively involved in Nestleì marketing and consumer communications issues globally. He is a former Chairman of the Australian Association of National Advertisers and now sits on its board. He is also Chairman of the Advertising Standards Bureau and sits on the board of Nestle Australia.

Ian was unable to attend the awards presentation as he was overseas for business, but a video message from him was played on the evening.

Certified Practising Marketer of the Year

The CPM Marketer of the Year has been established to strengthen the position of the CPM program and to recognise the contributions of an outstanding Certified Practising Marketer. These contributions might include playing a significant role in marketing in either the corporate or public sector, contributions to the development of marketing theory and practice or contributions to the professional status and recognition of marketing. Accordingly, the Board acknowledges the CPM Marketer of the Year from within our respected CPM members as a part of the AMI’s commitment to CPM and its growing role.

The winner:

Ken Roberts, Manager and Founding Partner, Forethought Research

Ken Roberts is acknowledged as a leading authority in brand measurement. He is an innovator of research methodologies and was the driving force behind the first marketing research method to be awarded a patent in Australia. He has spent the past five years developing a quantitative neuro-marketing method that reveals the blend and extent of consumers’ non-conscious emotional response to brands and advertising.

Ken is a Fellow and Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) of the Australian Marketing Institute. He is also a Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR) and a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society. He has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from Monash University and a Master of Business Administration from Melbourne University.

Ken Roberts FAMI CPM, Manager and Founding Partner, Forethought Research, was announced as the winner of the Certified Practising Marketer of the Year Award.


Category: Brand Extension

The finalists:

  • Farmers Union Iced Coffee: Brand legend gets FUIC'ed and wins 9.5% growth’, AJF Partnership
  • ‘IPAA Queensland Marketing Program – iQ Project’, Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) Queensland
  • ‘Leggo's Fresh’, Leggo's Fresh Team
  • ‘MyState Financial – Insurance’, MyState Financial/Red Jelly
  • ‘Small Decisions Big Impact’, Outlook Financial Solutions
  • ‘Jesus. All About Life campaign’, Taurus Marketing

The winner

AJF Partnership for 'Farmers Union Iced Coffee Campaign'

Sales of legendary blokey Farmers Union Iced Coffee (FUIC) stagnated in impulse channels in South Australia in 2009. Faced with the challenge of reinvigoration, it launched the “We've toughened the FUIC up” campaign, which created much controversy. Sales surged from a -2.7% decline to +6.9% growth, with supply struggling to meet demand.

LEFT: Brent Whelan, Marketing Manager, National Foods, accepts the award in the Brand Extension category.

Category: Brand Revitalisation

The finalists:

  • ‘Country Club Tasmania (Restaurants)’, Country Club Tasmania
  • ‘Revitalising EFIC’, Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
  • ‘OREO takes on Goliath in the Battle of the Barrel’, Kraft Foods Ltd
  • ‘Leading the Category into Premiumisation to Overcome the Rise of Private Label Commoditisation’, La FAMIGLIA/Goodman Fielder
  • ‘La Trobe University – Infinite Possibilities’, La Trobe University in conjunction with TANK
  • ‘Sisters of Mercy Staff Superannuation Scheme re-branding program’, Mater Health Services
  • ‘How do you build on a successful brand? Revitalising the Pricewaterhouse Coopers brand in Australia 2009-2010’, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • ‘Bruce Insurance Rebranding’, Sarah Richardson Consulting Pty Ltd

The winner:

La FAMIGLIA/Goodman Fielder  for 'Leading the Category into Premiumisation to overcome the rise of private label commoditisation'

La FAMIGLIA's vision of premiumisation repositioned the category as a contemporary, quality, convenient way to make family meals more special. Through consumer insight that resulted in powerful leader-brand advertising and a smart activation program, La FAMIGLIA led the category into premium profitably rolling and is driving growth at double the market rate.

LEFT: AMI director Nick Kariotoglou accepts the trophy on behalf of the winner in the Brand Revitalisation category.

Category: Consumer Insight

The finalists:

  • 'CablePI – The power alarm that can save your life’, Aurora/ Red Jelly
  • ‘Thanks Mum’, Colgate Palmolive and George Patterson Y&R
  • ‘Customer Expectations of Network Asset Performance’, Ergon Energy
  • ‘Beer ... when judgement matters’, Square Holes Pty Ltd
  • ‘Video ethnography: The PROOF Events NSW needed’, TNS
  • ‘Toyota Marketing – Linking our thinking’, Toyota supported by Synovate

The winner

Colgate Palmolive/George Patterson Y&R for 'Thanks Mum Campaign’

Through demonstrating a deep understanding of the mother-child bond they grew the fabric care category, which had been in long-term decline. So they tapped into the power of unsolicited thanks from a child to a mother, creating one of the most enjoyable and successful campaigns of 2009.

LEFT: AMI director Nick Kariotoglou accepts the trophy on behalf of the winner in the Consumer Insight category.

Category: Corporate Social Responsibility

The finalists:

  • ‘How HCF became a true health partner to its members’, HCF (The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited)
  • ‘PEDIGREE Adoption Drive 2009’, Mars Petcare
  • ‘Finegan's Works’, MyState Financial/Red Jelly
  • ‘How a little 'Hope, Love and Courage' revitalised one of Australia's longest standing charity fundraisers’, phdcreative and DDB
  • ‘Drivers' Plea’, QR Ltd
  • ‘The Great Australia Day Duck Pluck 2010’, Royal Life Saving Society – Western Australia
  • ‘Bayswater Oval Stormwater Harvesting Project’, Siemens Ltd

The winner:

phdcreative and DDB for 'How a little love, hope and courage revitalised one of Australia’s longest-running charity fundraisers’

McHappy Day is one of Australia's longest-standing charity fundraisers but by 2008 had become a cause stuck without an idea. In a dire economic climate, amid charity fatigue and with 16.4% less media spend, phdcreative and DDB proved that the power of emotion could not only move Australians out of apathy into action but prompt them to donate a 19-year record high of $2.463m.

LEFT:  Caroline Ghatt, Strategy Director, phdcreative, accepts the award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

Category: Education

The finalists:

  • ‘How a Victorian University Learnt to Succeed’, CUBED COMMUNICATIONS
  • ‘The Box’, Curtin University
  • ‘See what true leaders see, The University of Sydney, Global Executive MBA’, Faculty of Economics and Business and The Garden Agency
  • ‘Vocational Education and Training Program’, IP Australia
  • ‘PROJECT: YOU’, Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE
  • ‘Open Your Mind’, Open Universities Australia and Growth Solutions Group
  • ‘One School’, Scotch College Adelaide

The winner:

Curtin University with 'The BOX campaign'

The Box© was developed as a category-changing, digital tool to help students through their final year of high school and the transition to university. The Box© helped Curtin reverse a two-year decline in market share of school leaver first preferences, double its market share growth objective and close the gap on its major competitor by 5.35%. The Box© delivered a return on investment of almost $6 for every $1 spent and reduced Curtin’s expenditure on media and advertising.

LEFT: Accepting the trophy in the Education category are (from left) Rick Barrett, Director, Digital Marketing Unit, Curtin University; Karen Carriero, Director of Marketing, Curtin University; and Morgen Lewis, Business Director, The Brand Agency.

Category: Experiential and Brand Experiences

  • ‘Cussons PURE Oasis Australian Open Tennis 2010’, 2Fish Brand Experience Creators
  • ‘Betta Milk – Nothing But the Milk’, Clemenger Tasmania Pty Ltd
  • ‘Discovery Channel – Man Vs. Wild New Season Launch’, Discovery Channel
  • ‘[yellow tail] Vinyl Bar’, Jack Morton Worldwide
  • ‘Entertaining new ways of thinking: Murdoch University and Sunset Events’, Murdoch University
  • ‘Nova 106.9 – WTF?’, Nova 106.9 and Make Communications
  • ‘Massage en Masse', PLAY Communication
  • ‘Darwin – Mix It Up!’, Tourism NT

The winner:

Tourism NT for 'Darwin – Mix It Up!'

Although the smallest capital of any state or territory, it is easily the biggest place in the Northern Territory, with the most to see and do. Effective promotion of Darwin, then, is not just part of Tourism NT's remit to develop widespread visitation. Its success is disproportionately important to the Territory as a whole.

LEFT: Accepting the trophy in the Experiential and Brand Experiences category are (from left) Monika Tonki, Manager Consumer Marketing; Sarah Hope, Digital Marketing Coordinator; and Stacey Newman, Marketing Coordinator, with Tourism NT.

Category: Green Marketing

  • 'Tanya Ha’, Aurora Energy /Red Jelly
  • ‘Colonial First State – Emerging from the greenwash’, Colonial First State
  • ‘Townsville Queensland Solar City’, Ergon Energy
  • ‘Vileda Naturals Clean and Green’, Freudenberg Household Products
  • ‘Entertaining new ways of thinking: Murdoch University and Sunset Events’, Murdoch University
  • ‘Parks Victoria's Wilderness Retreats’, Parks Victoria

The winner:

Ergon Energy for 'Townsville Queensland Solar City'

The iconic Townsville Queensland Solar City project is showcasing the future of sustainable living in Australia. The highly successful initiative is delivering game-changing results and providing a model of how solar energy and energy efficiency can deliver environmental and economic benefits. It has captured public imagination, enlisted local support and changed customer behaviour in an entire community to deliver a formidable assault on traditional models for energy use.

LEFT: Julie Heath, Community Engagement Manager, Ergon Energy, accepts the first trophy awarded in the new Green Marketing category.

Category: Incentive Marketing

  • ‘Destination X’, CiEvents
  • ‘Europe. Almost as beautiful as the journey’, Kaleidoscope Marketing and Emirates
  • ‘Case IH Triple Red Rewards Program’, Synchro Marketing
  • ‘VHA V3 Excellence Program’, Synchro Marketing
  • ‘Toyota Parts Sales Society and Service Sales Society Program’, Synchro Marketing

The winner:

Kaleidoscope Marketing and Emirates for 'Europe. Almost as beautiful as the journey'

Emirates used all available mediums to reach its audience and ensured it stood out from its competitors' activities. It developed an achievable point-based incentive for sales in return for rewards in which all had a chance to partake regardless of agency size or location. In fact, 99% of the trade who were surveyed would participate again.

LEFT: Alan Riva, CEO, Kaleidoscope Marketing, accepts the award in the Incentive Marketing category.

Category: Internal Marketing

The finalists:

  • ‘Corrs 2010 Internal Marketing Campaign’, Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  • ‘CSC (Australia) FY10 Leave Competition: Life Beyond the Laptop’, CSC
  • ‘Make it so’, Engineers Australia
  • ‘Delivering Difference’, Imagination
  • ‘Melbourne 2030 – Communicating Leader's Strategy’, Leader Community Newspapers
  • ‘The NAB Way’, NAB
  • ‘Decision Time Internal Drug and Alcohol Campaign’, RailCorp
  • ‘We are scosa’, scosa, Spastic Centres of South Australia
  • ‘The Siemens Way Program’, Siemens Ltd
  • ‘Internal Marketing – Communicate!’, TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries

The winner:

CSC Australia for 'FY10 Life Beyond the Laptop, Leave competition'

With CSC Australia having such a large long-tenure workforce, it had a significant annual and long service leave liability. Rather than forcing leave, it launched a leave initiative called 'Life Beyond the Laptop'. Providing an incentive for staff to take leave, therefore having a triple benefit of reducing financial leave liability, ensuring those employees who had accrued a significant amount of leave took a well-deserved break, and boosting morale through a tough business period.

LEFT: Samantha Prosser, Marketing Campaigns Manager, and Moira Edwards, Director Customer Experience, CSC Australia, accept the trophy in the Internal Marketing category.

Category: Loyalty Programs

The finalists:

  • ‘Know Your IBM’, CiEvents
  • ‘Woolworths Everyday Rewards and Qantas Frequent Flyer – a very rewarding partnership’, Woolworths Ltd

The winner:

CiEvents for 'Know your IBM Campaign' 
The ‘Know Your IBM campaign' was a sales and learning channel loyalty program initiative targeting participants with loyalty rewards for undertaking training and selling of IBM's products and services. The KYI program achieved excellent results with an increase in active resellers, increase in sales and incremental revenue and ROI plus an effective communications and relationship building with individual sales personnel in the channel partner organisations.

LEFT: Accepting the trophy in the Loyalty Programs category are Sally Jong, KYI Marketing Program Manager, IBM, and Matt Browne, Global Business Manager, CiEvents.

Category: Marketing Communications, Business to Business

The finalists:

  • ‘Speaking through actions not words: Communication based on thought leadership’, Aon
  • ‘Promotion and Growth of Reflex A4 Copy Paper’, Australia Post CVT Marketing Team
  • ‘Creating a twin for the market leader’, Colonial First State
  • ‘Avoiding the pitfalls of autoclave validation’, CommOut
  • ‘Ergon Energy – Overhead Powerlines Safety’, Ergon Energy
  • ‘Eye on Canberra’, Grey Canberra
  • ‘Hitachi Data Systems – Storage Virtualisation for Dummies’, Hitachi Data Systems
  • ‘The Great Information Glut’, Hitachi Data Systems
  • ‘Panasonic – A New Visual Era’, Imagination
  • ‘Picture the Future Project’, Siemens Ltd
  • ‘It Starts In-Store Campaign’, TorchMedia

The winner:

Ergon Energy for 'Overhead Powerlines Safety Campaign'

Ergon Energy introduced a successful new marketing communications strategy around overhead powerlines safety to improve awareness and reduce contacts with powerlines in the earthmoving and trucking industries – both high 'at risk' groups causing power interruptions. The revised strategy has improved customer awareness, reduced incidents, and strengthened the company's commitment to community safety.

LEFT: Accepting the trophy in the Marketing Communications, Business to Business category are (from left) Diana Bell, Marketing Communications Manager, and Roslynne Mitchell, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Ergon Energy.

Category: Marketing Communications, Business to Consumer

  • ‘Farmers Union Iced Coffee: Brand legend gets FUIC'ed and wins 9.5% growth’, AJF Partnership
  • ‘Holden Cruze: How a big car maker turned the small car market on its head’, AJF Partnership
  • ‘B2C BOQ Home Loan Campaign in WA’, BOQ – Bank of Queensland
  • ‘Commonwealth Bank Home Loans Ongoing Online Marketing Programme’, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • ‘Brumbies 2010 Season Campaign’, CRE8IVE
  • ‘2009 National Marketing Campaign’, CRVA (Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia)
  • ‘Salvos Stores Shop Donate Recycle Campaign – A new direction for not-for-profit marketing’, DGM Collective
  • ‘Resorting to its strengths’, Hand Eye Communication
  • ‘Ford – Experience Ford: Fwd: A FORD', Jack Morton Worldwide
  • ‘Picnic. It's No Picnic’, Kraft Foods
  • ‘We love our Lamb – Australia Day 2008-2010’, Meat and Livestock Australia – Lamb
  • ‘Medicare electronic claiming campaign May and June 2009’, Medicare Australia
  • ‘PROJECT: YOU’, Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE
  • ‘MyState Financial Term Deposits’, MyState Financial/Red Jelly
  • ‘Masterpieces from Paris: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and beyond, Post Impressionism from the Muse d'Orsay’, National Gallery of Australia
  • ‘Natural Gas. The Natural Choice’, Pulse Marketing Group
  • ‘What Get's You Up in the Morning?, Sanitarium
  • ‘Darwin – Mix It Up!’, Tourism NT

The winner:

Kraft Foods for 'Picnic. It's NO Picnic'

Picnic had been in decline for about four years. It was faced with internal and external challenges. GPY&R alongside Cadbury created an advertising first. Consumers were challenged to eat a Picnic bar in the space of a commercial (30 seconds), and through its Picnic ad machine at www.itsnopicnic.tv, they were going to CREATE the ads for Kraft. The aim was to not air the same ad twice and ensure that the content remained raw, unpolished and completely user generated. It was a massive success.

LEFT: AMI Victoria President Roger Powell accepts the trophy in the Marketing Communications, Business to Consumer category on behalf of the winner.

Category: Multimedia and Interactive

The finalists:

  • Clip Attic: 'Mmm' – Multimedia, Money & Metrics’, Clip Attic
  • ‘The Hangover – Social Media Campaign’, Daemon Digital
  • ‘Ask Richard’, Naked Communications
  • ‘Panasonic VIErA Bonus HD Campaign’ Panasonic
  • ‘GoAnywhere3D 'Crace’, Roam Interactive Pty Ltd
  • ‘CityGT’, VicRoads
  • ‘Yellow Pages Digital Win Back campaign’, Yellow Pages

The winner:

Naked Communications for 'Ask Richard' campaign

In 2009, this independent radio station was facing closure. It had a budget of $0 to fix the problem! Further, it knew that only 2% of its listeners ever donated and in the past 10 years the most they had ever raised was only $80,000. They decided to reinvent the fundraising model. Instead of asking its supporters for the money, they would instead ask their supporters to ask. The campaign resulted in raising more than $680,000, the station was saved and is now thriving.

LEFT: Accepting the award in the Multimedia and Interactive category are (from left) Brooke Ward, Psychologist, Adam Ferrier, Partner, and Renate Gordon, Expression Manager, Naked Communications.

Category: New Brand

  • 'A new brand for a new AECOM’, AECOM
  • ‘The World of Norfolk’, DDI
  • ‘Provoking engagement through branding – Creating the new Burnet Institute brand’, Oxygene Branding and Communications
  • ‘CLEM7. The tunnel that became a Brisbane icon’, RiverCity Motorway
  • ‘Reindeer Preferred Carrots a Christmas Hit’, Starship Pty Ltd
  • ‘Bingle – Pushing the frontiers of car insurance’, Suncorp Personal Insurance
  • ‘vividwireless Brand Campaign’, vividwireless
  • ‘There's no-one you'er than you!’, Youi Insurance

The winner:

River City Motorway for 'CLEM 7. The tunnel that became a Brisbane icon'

On 15 March 2010, the longest road tunnel in Australia officially opened to traffic – Brisbane's Clem Jones Tunnel, better known as the CLEM7. With more than 74,000 vehicles using the CLEM7 on its first day of opening and 1.24 million vehicles using it in the first three weeks, awareness, support and understanding about the CLEM7 and its brand values among Brisbane motorists has been established, cementing the CLEM7 as a Brisbane icon.

LEFT: Jessica Hamilton, Marketing Manager, River City Motorway, accepts the trophy in the New Brand category.

Category: New Product/Service Launch

The finalists:

  • 'Farmers Union Iced Coffee: Brand legend gets FUIC'ed and wins 9.5% growth’, AJF Partnership
  • ‘CablePI – The power alarm that can save your life’, Aurora Energy/Red Jelly
  • ‘Bulla Thick & Fruity’, Bulla Dairy Foods
  • ‘Berwick Technical Education Centre’, Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • ‘Creating a twin for the market leader’, Colonial First State
  • ‘Domino's Pizza iPhone Application launch’, Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd
  • ‘BoB Product Launch’, iiNet
  • ‘La Bella Creations Launch and First Year’, La Bella Creations
  • ‘Building a sustainable future’, Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE
  • ‘Launch of Peet Limited's Shorehaven at Alkimos’, Peet Limited
  • ‘New CityRail timetable – 2009’, RailCorp
  • ‘Nature's Own Complete Sleep’, Sanofi-aventis Consumer Healthcare
  • ‘Launch of Telstra's new retail concept stores’, The LAM Agency and Telstra

The winner:

Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare for 'Nature's Own Complete Sleep'

The success of Nature's Own Complete Sleep can be attributed to alignment across strategy, product delivery, communications and retail execution. Complete Sleep has improved people's lives, brought new users to the Nature's Own brand, re-energised colleagues, increased brand relevance with retailers and surprised competitors.

LEFT: Accepting the trophy in the New Product/Service Launch category are (from left) Pat Haynes, Senior Brand Manager, Nature's Own; David Anderson, Head of Marketing, Sanofi-Aventis; and Amanda Blakey, Brand Manager, Nature's Own.

Category: Relationship Marketing

The finalists:

  • 'Aviva's purchase by the NAB’, Aviva Australia
  • ‘Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Stimulus Package’, BMF Advertising and Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • ‘Europe. Almost as beautiful as the journey’, Kaleidoscope Marketing and Emirates
  • ‘Utopia – the ultimate in Relationship Marketing’, First National Group of Independent Real Estate Agents Limited
  • ‘Growing HCF's member base through its members’, HCF (The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited)
  • ‘Healthy Relationships’, Mater Health Services
  • ‘Clients For Life’, Philip Webb Real Estate
  • ‘Dick Smith Star Performers Program’, Synchro Marketing
  • ‘Case IH Triple Red Rewards Program’, Synchro Marketing
  • VHA V3 Excellence Program’, Synchro Marketing

The winner:

HCF – The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia for 'Growing HCF’s member base through its members’

In the latter half of the 2009 financial year HCF faced increasing competitor activity in the form of joining incentives. It decided to use alternative ways to build its market share cost effectively, rather than tackle its competitors head on. This new initiative resulted in more than 2900 new members joining HCF, which as more than 8% of all new member acquisitions.

LEFT: Damien Long, Corporate Communications Manager, HCF, accepts the trophy in the Relationship Marketing category.

Category: Social Marketing

The finalists:

  • 'CablePI – The power alarm that can save your life’, Aurora Energy/Red Jelly
  • ‘Ergon Energy – Overhead Powerline Safety’, Ergon Energy
  • ‘Anti Drug Driving 09/10’, Motor Accident Commission
  • ‘Beyond the student prospectus: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more’, Murdoch University
  • ‘Ask Richard’, Naked Communications
  • ‘No Leave, No Life’, Tourism Australia
  • ‘Driving a record low road toll for the second consecutive year’, Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

The winner:

Motor Accident Commission for 'Anti Drug Driving 09/10’

Insightful research into 16-39 year old males unearthed key myths that they perpetuated around the issue of DRUG driving: that speed made them more alert, marijuana made them more cautious and ecstasy wore off by the time of driving. Creative executions leveraged these insights into irreverent scenarios involving dangerously drugged professionals that resonated strongly with the target audience and busted their own myths in their own language.

LEFT: AMI South Australia President Barry Salter accepts the trophy in the Social Marketing category on behalf of the winner

Category: Sponsorship

The finalists:

  • 'Amway of Australia – Adam Gilchrist gets the Wheels in Motion’, Amway of Australia
  • ‘Fantastic Noodles Surfing Sponsorship’, Fantastic Snacks
  • ‘Australian Open 2010 Sponsorship Campaign’, IBM
  • ‘Entertaining new ways of thinking: Murdoch University and Sunset Events’, Murdoch University
  • ‘Creative generation – State Schools Onstage’, Queensland Department of Education and Training
  • ‘Kicking Goals for scosa’, scosa, Spastic Centres of South Australia Inc
  • ‘People's Channel on SelecTV’, SelecTV Broadcasting Pty Ltd
  • ‘Activating Australia's Next Top Model 'in Telstra', The LAM Agency and Telstra

The winner:

Fantastic Snacks for 'Fantastic Noodles Surfing Sponsorship'

This involved the development of a comprehensive national campaign with elements such as a nine-part television program known as 'Next Wave', a national sampling campaign, in-store competitions and concluding with a world first 'Intense Wave' event. The activation and integration into Fantastic's marketing mix delivered benefit for both Fantastic and the surfing community.

LEFT: Natalie Larke, National Account Manager, Fantastic Snacks, accepts the trophy in the Sponsorship category.

Marketing Program of the Year

The AMI Marketing Program of the Year is awarded to the entry judged the most outstanding entry across all categories. This year the winner comes from the Education category.

The winner:

Curtin University for ‘The Box©’

LEFT: An excited team accepts its second trophy of the night — Marketing Program of the Year. From left: Morgen Lewis, Business Director, The Brand Agency; Karen Carriero, Director of Marketing, Curtin University; and Rick Barrett, Director, Digital Marketing Unit, Curtin University.


Special award to Roger James, Chairman of the Australian Marketing Institute

A surprise addition to the awards night was a special presentation to retiring Institute Chairman Roger James. Chief Executive Mark Crowe presented Roger with a trophy 'For outstanding contribution to the marketing profession'. Roger retires after seven years as the Institute's National President/Chairman and many years more serving on the Victoria State Council and the Board as a Director.




LEFT: Chief Executive Mark Crowe presents outgoing Chairman Roger James with a special trophy in recognition of his service to the Institute and the marketing profession.

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