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The mission of the AMI is to achieve:

1. Marketing principles fully recognised, integrated with and central to enterprise development and management.

2. Marketing practice comprehensively adopted, continuously improving.

3. Marketing practitioners acknowledged professionals, always learning.


Statement 1

The integration of the marketing model into the planning and operations of enterprises will be seamless. The strategic planning role of business will be driven by marketing. The marketing department may [will] disappear as the key management team comprises team leaders in marketing management and financial management. Production/ operations/ logistics/ supply channel managers will report to the team leaders.

In public sector and not-for-profit enterprises, the comprehensive marketing model will likewise be the key framework on which the planning of the enterprise is based, in terms of defining product, in terms of understanding customer/client needs, and in terms of the delivery of service.

Statement 2

While marketing principles will come to be seen as central to understanding the operation of businesses and the way they should be planned and managed, recognition of the true role of marketing will mean that every facet of the relationship with stakeholders in the company, through the supply chain to the customer, will be driven by marketing principles. In implementation as in planning, marketing will be the dominant paradigm. At the same time, the relationship between practice and theory will be strengthened and made both synergistic and interdependent. From this much closer relationship, continuous evolution and improvement will flow.

Statement 3

The recognition and adoption of marketing will give natural attention to marketers who will be acknowledged as true professionals; knowledge workers whose theory, framework of practice and code of conduct identify them as members of a distinct and defined group. Those who form the vanguard of practice as well as those who aspire to leadership will respond to the challenge for life-long learning as a mark of dedication to their cause and as a natural consequence of one of the key attributes of any successful marketer — a relentless curiosity about human behaviour and the way individual and community transactions take place in an organised society


About the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) | Structure of the AMI | Code of Professional Conduct | Privacy Policy | Disclaimers

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