The Australian Marketing Institute acknowledges the assistance it receives from its alliances with companies and other industry bodies.

Inquiries about possible sponsorship opportunities at state and national level are welcomed. The AMI conducts a busy calendar of well-attended state events and national-level conferences that provide a range of opportunities to contact and interact with marketing professionals.

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National sponsorships

For national-level opportunities, contact Anthony Barac-Dunn, General Manager, Marketing and Operations, on (02) 8256 1650 or email anthony.barac-dunn@ami.org.au

Queensland Summit

For the 2012 Queensland Marketing Summit, to be held in Brisbane on 31 May, contact Louise Marron on (07) 5593 9633 or email qld@ami.org.au

Canberra Marketing and Communication Forum

For the 2012 Canberra Marketing and Communication Forum, to be held on 7 June at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, contact Omania Terry on 0438 918 680 or act@ami.org.au.

Marketing Week (Adelaide)

For Marketing Week 2012, to be held on 28-31 August in Adelaide, contact Virginia Swan on (08) 8242 0505 or email sa@ami.org.au

Government Marketing and Communications Conference

For the 2012 Government Marketing and Communications Conference, to be held on 12-14 September in Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Queensland, contact Louise Marron on (07) 5593 9633 or email qld@ami.org.au

Annual Conference

For the 2012 Annual Conference (24-25 October, Melbourne), contact Virginia Swan on (08) 8242 0505 or email annual@ami.org.au

State events

For individual state event opportunities, speak to the relevant state event manager (see Contact Us details)


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