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The Institute’s process entails accreditation (validating that standards are met) and peer review to promote high standards of marketing education, to stimulate self-analysis, and to assist the institution under review to achieve its objectives. Accreditation is conducted in a collegiate manner that includes consultation, advice and feedback.

The accreditation process follows this pathway:

  • The institution conducts a self-study guided by the criteria described in the Institute’s accreditation documentation, ‘Part 2: Accreditation Criteria Guidelines’, and submits an accreditation submission to the Institute.
  • The Institute appoints an accreditation team to review the marketing programs.
  • The team reviews the institution’s documentation and assesses whether it is meeting the accreditation standards and its own objectives. The team confirms the information in the accreditation submission by holding discussions with senior academics and administrators involved in the relevant education programs, students and others associated with delivery of the education programs.
  • The team prepares a detailed preliminary report on its findings. The tertiary institution is given opportunities to comment on the draft preliminary report.
  • The Accreditation Committee considers the team’s report. It submits the report to the Institute Board (with or without amendment) and its recommendations for the accreditation outcome.

To start the process, universities and vocational education and training providers should review the Institute’s three-part guide, ‘Assessment and Accreditation of Marketing Courses in Tertiary Education’ (go to guidelines page), and then download and complete the registration form.

After registering for accreditation, the Institute will notify each institution of an accreditation schedule specific to its courses. It is expected that registrations of interest in accreditation should be made and re-accreditations scheduled 12 months in advance. The timetable will be developed in close consultation with registering institutions.

Accreditation home page | Educational outcomes | Accreditation process | Accreditation guidelines Accredited courses


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