Assessment and accreditation of Australian marketing courses in tertiary education

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The Australian Marketing Institute’s assessment and accreditation program aims to deliver positive outcomes for tertiary marketing education and the marketing profession. It will assist educators to develop curriculums that best meet the needs of employers and, as a consequence, provide marketing graduates with an optimum set of skills and knowledge. It will also contribute to the wider aim of bringing academia and practice closer together.

Importantly, the program will allow tertiary institutions to add the Institute’s imprimatur to qualifying courses, providing an independent verification of status and quality.

Accreditation will allow the Institute to contribute to ongoing marketing curriculum development through processes such as industry feedback, drawing on the knowledge and experience of senior professional marketers.

The benefits of accreditation include:

  • The opportunity to learn from marketing’s independent professional body and from subject matter experts through the peer review process.
  • Helping institutions to promote their marketing courses by providing a recognisable ‘badge’.
  • Enhancing the credibility and employability of graduates from accredited courses and in turn enhancing the profession as a whole.
  • Signalling appropriate marketing courses to those planning to choose a marketing career.
  • Increasing awareness and visibility of the Institute as an accrediting body for marketing education.

Institute accreditation will act in a general way to promote best practice through the exposure and experiences of the Institute Board, Accreditation Committee and assessment team with developments nationally and internationally in industry and academia. It encourages more direct mechanisms for disseminating innovation and best practice within the Australian marketing education community.

The Institute’s assessment and accreditation program is accepting registrations of interest. Interested educational institutions can find further information on educational outcomes and the accreditation process.

Further information can also be found in this PDF brochure (420KB), which you can download.

For enquiries or additional information, please contact the Australian Marketing Institute on (02) 8256 1650 or accreditation@ami.org.au

Accreditation home page | Educational outcomes | Accreditation process | Accreditation guidelines | Accredited courses

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