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Networking, learning and social activities for young and student marketers

The Australian Marketing Institute's Emerging Marketers network has active student and young marketer groups in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Queensland.

In South Australia, the Emerging Marketers started as Magnet group in 2000. It was formed by a group of young marketers who saw a need for networking opportunities and professional development. Emerging Marketers South Australia provides a range of events, news and employment opportunities to its members. (Read more)

In Western Australia, the Emerging Marketers group caters specifically for the needs of marketing students from all of WA's tertiary institutions, recent marketing graduates, and young marketers with less than five years of experience. Its events cover practical, elementary marketing concepts and trends/issues faced by young marketers.
(Read more)

In Victoria, Emerging Marketers started as Bright Sparks, an initiative of the AMI Victoria Council to help marketing students and new marketers really shine. Emerging Marketers Victoria is committed to adding value to those studying and entering the marketing field with networking opportunities, exclusive events, useful career advice, industry contacts and a mentoring program. (Read more)

In Tasmania, the Emerging Marketers group undertakes an annual calendar of events aimed at students and young marketers with an emphasis on networking, career advice and professional development.  (Read more)

In New South Wales, the new Emerging Marketers group is planning events. More details about how to contact and participate with this group will be added to its dedicated page soon. (Read more)

In Queensland, the new Emerging Marketers group is starting to schedule more activities. (Read more)

In the Australian Capital Territory, a committee is being formed and activities will be planned. (Read more)

The activities for each group will be carried on their dedicated pages and listed in their state's event calendar (go to event overview calendar)

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