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NEW IN 2012


  • Sydney: 22 June. Venue: Cliftons Sydney, Level 8, 190 George Street. 
  • Melbourne: 10 August. Venue: Cliftons Melbourne, 440 Collins Street.

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If you believe that brand is the promise you make, but customer experience is the promise you keep, then this one-day intensive workshop is for you. By adding a design-led approach to improving your service offering, it’s possible to not only promote with confidence what great products and services you have, but employ the right tools to delight your customers by delivering exactly what you said you would.

Information presented includes a combination of individual and group activities, facilitator-led discussion, case studies and group participation. Participants have the opportunity to learn from each other with discussion of experiences encouraged. This workshop will enable participants to:

Think about your organisation and your customers:

  • What promises do you make to customers? Do you know how to deliver them?
  • What happens when customers try dealing with you? Is it seamless and enjoyable?
  • What is your customer's experience like across each channel they deal with you?

Think about your own experience as a customer for a service you use:

  • How would you improve that service to improve your own experience as a customer?
  • Has the service been set up so it works well the company but less so for you?
  • What things would you add or remove to the service to help you get your job done easier?

The workshop qualifies for eight hours of professional development under the AMI's Certified Practising Marketer program.


Gain real insight using customer experience research

  • Using NPS to identify problem areas
  • User-centred design research tools
  • Looking inside/looking outside

Brand promise definition

  • Articulate the value of your most profitable customers
  • Define your single organising idea
  • Develop your own service principles
  • Brand Model Brand Cube/DNA

Customer experience design

  • Delivering the customer promise
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Touch-point design and orchestration
  • Business casing service propositions
  • How to write a customer plan

Organisational alignment and communication

  • Aligning HR, marketing and operations
  • Communication tools to raise internal awareness
  • Creating a visual business case

Customer experience implementation and training

  • How to develop service prototypes
  • Staying true to customers
  • Implementing new service propositions

Customer experience measurement

  • Customer experience dashboard
  • How to evaluate your progress
  • How to redesign for growth

More detail about the workshop content can be found in the Foundations PDF brochure (PDF, click here).


Cost (inc GST): AMI CPM Members $560; AMI Members $590; Non-members $790
Interstate CPM $280; Interstate AMI Member $295.

Online registration is available; click on the relevant date at the top of the page. Individuals can register themselves and colleagues online.

PDF registration can be used for individual or group bookings. The 2012 Foundation workshop PDF brochure contains more detailed information about each workshop and a registration form (PDF, click here) (registration PDF only).

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