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2013 Event Calendar Overview

Events/dates are subject to change. Local breakfast, afternoon and evening seminar event details will be added as they become available, and members will be sent reminder emails before each event.

Key: Events in blue are local seminar and networking activities; events in green are AMI professional development courses being held in Sydney; events with no colour are national-level events of significance being conducted by the AMI around Australia.

Event inquiries: nsw@ami.org.au or 1300 737 445

 Date Event type  Details
 4-5 April Foundation workshop   Effective Marketing Plans
 30 April to 1 May Foundation workshop  Public Relations Strategy NEW in 2013
 6 May Advanced workshop   Brand Management
 15 May Foundation workshop  Mobile Marketing NEW in 2013
 15 May Foundation workshop   Practical Email Marketing NEW in 2013
 22 May Advanced workshop  Scenario Planning 
 24 May Foundation workshop   Project Management Skills
 27-28 May Foundation workshop   Digital Marketing NEW in 2013
 28 May Foundation workshop  Event Marketing and Sponsorship NEW in 2013
 30 May National-level conference   The Marketing Summit, Brisbane. Theme: Centre Stage – Marketing that Leads. Go to summit website
 30 May Foundation workshop   Marketing Principles
 30-31 May Foundation workshop   Online Writing
 13 June Foundation workshop   Communicating Change NEW in 2013
 17-18 June Foundation workshop   Effective Marketing Plans
 20 June Advanced workshop   Social Media Strategy
20 June National-level conference Canberra Marketing Forum
 16-17 July Foundation workshop  Business and Public Relations Writing
 30 July Foundation workshop   Brand Story NEW in 2013
 30 July Foundation workshop   Research, Insight and Action NEW in 2013
 7 August Advanced workshop   Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
12-16 August National-level conference Marketing Week, Adelaide. Theme: Energise, Turn on, Motivate, Inspire ...
 13-14 August Foundation workshop   Social Media Applications
 21 August Foundation workshop   Measuring Marketing Performance
 23 August Foundation workshop   Better Briefs NEW in 2013
 23 August Foundation workshop   Strategic Planning Overview NEW in 2013
28-30 August National-level conference Government Marketing and Communications Conference, Melbourne
 5-6 September Foundation workshop  Marketing Principles
 12 September Advanced workshop  Driving Marketing Strategy
 13 September Foundation workshop  Search Engine Tools NEW in 2013
 16-17 September Foundation workshop  Effective Marketing Plans
 8 October Advanced workshop  Brand Positioning
15-17 October National-level conference Australian Marketing Institute Annual Conference, Hilton Hotel, Sydney. Includes gala presentation dinner to announce the national winners in the 2013 Awards for Marketing Excellence
 29 October Foundation workshop  Digital Marketing NEW in 2013
 14 November Foundation workshop  Marketing Principles
 18 November Foundation workshop  Effective Marketing Plans


Events already held in 2013

Date Event type Details
 13 February Breakfast seminar  2013 Health Check, featuring guest speaker Phil Ruthven, IBISWorld more details
 14-15 March Foundation workshop   Marketing Principles
 19-20 March Foundation workshop  Business and Public Relations Writing
 22 March Advanced workshop  Digital Strategy NEW in 2013
 26-27 March Foundation workshop   Social Media Applications
 27 March Networking series   'B2C and B2B campaigns', featuring two winning campaigns from the 2012 Awards for Marketing Excellence more details

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