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The Audit Bureaux of Australia (ABA) represents 75 years of media auditing history through the strength and power of the ABC and CAB audit brands, which provide audit services for media such as print, digital publications, websites, email newsletters and events.

What is a media audit?

An ABA media audit verifies a publisher’s claims and provides assurance and insight to advertisers who use consumer, business-to-business, specialty and community media. Audits are conducted by independent auditors using rules established by ABA members.

Why should you only advertise in audited media?

Audited media delivers information about how many individuals have had the opportunity to see your advertisement. It is your protection and insurance that the publisher’s claim is true.

By choosing to advertise in only audited media you can be assured that you are spending your marketing budget safely rather than paying for an audience that may not exist.

The ABA's audited media data will provide you with key insights into trends, geographical demographics, comparative analysis by industry sector and other metrics to enable sound business decisions to be made.

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As an Institute member you are invited to trial the ABA online reporting resource eData by registering today at www.auditbureau.org.au/registernow.php

You will have access to the latest audited data for free and controlled distribution for newspapers and magazines – in total more than 1100 titles nationwide plus access to other audited media such as digital publications, websites and email newsletters.

Exclusive to Australian Marketing Institute members, FREE training on audited media

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