Ground-Breaking Insurance for Marketers
— Professional Indemnity Initiative Launched

The Institute has negotiated a Professional Indemnity Master Policy, through Austbrokers Countrywide, which is exclusive to members.

Australian marketers are being afforded a new level of professional protection

Designed to underpin the value professional marketers provide to business, this ground-breaking insurance scheme starts from 1 November 2011. The introduction of the Professional Indemnity Master Policy is seen as a further professional milestone for marketers with cover being automatic for current financial members of the Australian Marketing Institute based on certain conditions.

Who does the Australian Marketing Institute Professional Indemnity Master Policy cover?

All financial members of the Australian Marketing Institute based within Australia. The policy will provide cover to:

1. Institute members who are employees in the event that they do not have other insurance cover that protects them against an unmeritorious allegation of professional negligence.

2. Institute members who are consultants and generate gross fees of up to $275,000 annually from marketing advice services. The cover is extended to both your legal entity (company) and all employees and directors working for and on behalf of that company.

If you are an Institute member operating a consultancy business that generates more than $275,000 in gross income, there is no cover under the Master Policy. You need to contact Austbrokers Countrywide for a separate quotation under the Institute's Professional Indemnity facility, where exclusive discounted rates are available to all members.

For more information on the Professional Indemnity Insurance Master Policy, please click here to read a question-and-answer document.

For more information on the Professional Indemnity Certificate of Insurance, please click here

For information on the policy endorsements, please click here

For the full terms and conditions of the Professional Indemnity Insurance policy provided by CGU Insurance, please click here

What professional activities does the professional indemnity policy cover?

The policy will cover liability of financial members arising out of marketing consultancy, including but not limited to:

  • marketing advice
  • strategic marketing and planning
  • advice about and the conduct of market research
  • advice about advertising
  • advice about brand and product management
  • advice about public relations
  • web development, social media and e-marketing management
  • strategic management consultancy (in relation to marketing activities).

The policy will not cover non-marketing advice activities. Examples are management consulting, human resource consulting, recruitment services and product procurement and management.

These and any other advice activities unrelated to marketing need to be referred to Austbrokers Countrywide for assessment of your broader coverage requirements.

For all your insurance needs

Institute members have access to a range of discounted insurance products from public liability, business insurance, corporate travel to income protection insurance policies. Please click here for details.

About Austbrokers Countrywide

Since beginning in 1952 as a general insurance broker, Austbrokers Countrywide has evolved over the years into an integrated financial services provider, working with clients to meet their insurance needs.

Austbrokers Countrywide has access to local and overseas markets to assist with the placement of clients' insurance needs.

Contact Details

For further information or to obtain an obligation-free quotation, please contact Austbrokers Countrywide:

PHONE: 1800 245 123

EMAIL: info@abcountrywide.com.au

NOTE: Please ensure that your Institute membership number is quoted for authentication purposes.

Unsure of your membership number? Please contact Membership Services on 1300 737 445.

Important note: All advice about this product is provided by Austbrokers Countrywide. Austbrokers Countrywide holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 244436 under the Corporations Act 2001 to provide general insurance broking services.

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