Australian businesses now recognise a growing need to become more entrepreneurial and customer focused to compete more successfully in today's environment. Marketing education and the development of a more positive attitude to enterprise have been cited as some of the key levers of change required for Australian businesses to achieve the standard of world best practice.

Corporate Membership of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is an affordable way to develop skills and attitudes necessary to sustain a competitive advantage and to integrate those attitudes into a corporate culture. It supports the ongoing professional development of marketing employees in your organisation and assists you to build and maintain a marketing culture and awareness throughout the organisation.

AMI Corporate Membership is available to companies with five or more employees. There are no restrictions on which employees can be nominated as representatives under the Corporate Membership and each nominee will be granted individual membership and graded according to their qualifications and experience in marketing.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Key corporate benefits include:

  • Commercial opportunities through access to information and the development of marketing skills.
  • Increased staff morale by providing opportunities for learning, networking and professional development.
  • A regular subscription to Professional Marketing magazine, B&T magazine, and other AMI publications including the online newsletter Marketing Update.
  • Access to member-only resources on the AMI website.
  • All staff nominated as Corporate Representatives are eligible to attend any AMI function or activity at the member rates, thus saving on training costs.
  • The encouragement of personal and professional development through the Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) Program, which enhances the professional status of marketers.
  • Tangible evidence to stakeholders of the organisation's commitment to ethical and professional marketing practice as a good corporate citizen.
  • Helps in creating and maintaining a marketing culture to focus staff on achieving shared goals.

The Institute also provides an array of individual membership privileges, which support members' career and commercial needs while providing real savings and value to members. These privileges include:

  • Professional indemnity insurance.
  • Car rental.
  • Airline lounge membership.
  • Information and research services.
  • Web hosting and managed services.
  • Publication advertising.
  • An online book store.
  • Discounted or free magazine subscriptions.

For further details, go to the Member Preferential Rates and Discounts page.

Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) Program

Employees nominated as representatives under Corporate Membership are eligible, on application, for assessment by the AMI for Certified Practising Marketer accreditation. CPM accreditation provides professional recognition for marketers and promotes continual professional development.

Participation in the CPM program is a valuable investment in the training and development of your marketing team. An investment of this type can lead to increased sales revenue, growth in market share and increased profitability.

Certified Practising Marketer accreditation is awarded to individuals who have acquired knowledge equivalent to a marketing degree, either from formal education or experiential learning; have demonstrated skills in the application of this knowledge for at least five (5) years; and have made a commitment to maintaining a high level of knowledge and skill in the practice of marketing.

The assessment of your marketing staff on their journey towards CPM accreditation provides an independent reference and valuable feedback on individual development when compared with the benchmark established for the marketing profession.

The application fee of $70 (inc. GST) per person for this assessment is waived if the employee is a nominated representative of an AMI Corporate Member.

For more information, go to the Certified Practising Marketer page.

The investment

The base fee for Corporate Membership is $1,200 (inc. GST), which covers the first five (5) members. Thereafter, a sliding scale applies as follows:

  • First 5 representatives @ $240 (inc. GST) per member = $1,200
    Total: $1,200 for 5 representatives
  • 6 to 25 representatives @ $165 (inc. GST) per member = $3,300
    Total: $4,500 for 25 representatives
  • 26 to 50 representatives @ $125 (inc. GST) per member = $3,125
    Total: $7,625 for 50 representatives
  • 51 or more representatives @ $110 (inc. GST) per member

There is no joining fee and no additional fees for processing of CPM assessment for employees nominated as a representative on the Corporate Membership. Corporate Membership is renewable on an annual basis and nominated representatives can be changed at any time.

Special conditions

    1. A minimum of five (5) members is required for Corporate Membership.
    2. Each member is eligible to be individually graded and assessed for CPM. Post-nominals and CPM accreditation are awarded to the individual, not the organisation, and as such they are not transferable.
    3. Individuals covered by Corporate Membership who leave the company before the annual renewal date forfeit their membership benefits and entitlements upon receipt of notice from the Corporate Member. Individuals no longer covered by Corporate Membership may continue their membership if they apply to transfer to another Corporate Member or join as an Individual Professional Member.
    4. There will be no refunds of fees for individuals who leave a Corporate Membership at any time during the period of membership. Substitute or replacement employees may be enrolled under the Corporate Membership.
    5. Employees may be added, at the appropriate fee, to the organisation's Corporate Membership at any time during the period of membership, regardless of the Corporate Membership expiry date.

To apply, go to the Corporate Membership Application Form or for further information please contact Membership Services on 1300 737 445 or membership@ami.org.au

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