A special rate is available for persons residing outside Australia to enable them to become International Members of the Institute.

The benefits and privileges available to International Members are largely the same as for individual professional members, with the obvious exception of the ability to access local events and training. But when you are in Australia, we would enjoy seeing you at an event!

On application, new International Members are graded in one of the following categories according to their qualifications and experience.

Affiliate Member

Those working or interested in marketing, but without formal qualifications. Affiliate members may upgrade to Associate Member status upon completion of tertiary qualifications or attainment of significant practical experience in marketing.

Associate Member (AMAMI)

  • Holders of recognised tertiary (or degree) qualifications in marketing who have started an active career in marketing.
  • Those with significant practical marketing experience.

Associate Members have voting rights in AMI elections, are eligible for appointment to the National Board and to a state council if a CPM, and may display the postnominals AMAMI.

Associate Fellow (AFAMI)

  • Has been an Associate Member for three years or such shorter or longer period as determined by the national board at its discretion; and
  • Is a CPM.

Associate Fellows have all rights accorded to Associate Members and are eligible for appointment to the National Board and to a state council, and may use the postnominals AFAMI.

Fellow (FAMI)

  • Has been an Associate Fellow and CPM for at least five years, may apply for membership as a Fellow.

Fellows have all the rights and privileges accorded to Associate Fellows, and may use the postnominals FAMI.

Benefits of International Membership

The benefits of AMI International Membership include:

  • Professional recognition through the Certified Practising Marketer program.
  • Communications (including Marketing Update and Professional Marketing).
  • Access to member-only resources on the AMI website.

The Institute also provides an array of membership privileges, many of which the International Member can use overseas. These privileges support members' career and commercial needs while providing real savings and value. These include:

  • Professional indemnity insurance.
  • Car rental.
  • Airline lounge membership.
  • Information and research services.
  • Web hosting and managed services.
  • Publication advertising.
  • Online bookstore.

For more detailed information on the benefits of membership, go to the Member Benefits page and the Member Preferential Rates and Discounts page.

To access the International Membership application form, click here (PDF, 88KB)

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