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President's message

By Maryjane Aviles AFAMI CPM, President, AMI New South Wales Council

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the end of the first quarter of 2013 – and although we had our first event only a few weeks ago, here we are. As we head into the second quarter, the NSW Council wants to thank those of you who attended our future marketing trends event with Phil Ruthven.

We also wish to thank Phil Ruthven; his shared insights for the future of marketing and the Australian landscape will be critical to all of us responsible for creating sustainable advantage for our organisations.

As the new NSW president, I am proud to serve you, our members and supporters. Our all-volunteer councillors and the national Board of Directors are dedicated to elevating the marketing profession for NSW and for Australia. We are also mindful that with Australia’s proximity to Asia, it will also be important for us to consider what part our profession plays beyond our shores.

The AMI continues to grow and adapt. We are always reviewing our methods and how we can support your advancement as marketers and business leaders.  In 2013, we have an excellent event and education program and we encourage all of you to participate.  We are also looking at how we can enhance offer to deepen the experiences you have with the AMI and each other. This includes hearing from our Marketing Excellence awards winners and understanding the trends that are shaping marketing and transforming businesses worldwide.

We also want to hear from you if you have any suggestions or ideas; get in touch with me or one of the NSW councillors. I also look to meeting and seeing you at our next event, being held on Wednesday 27 March.  If you are a B2B or B2C or B2B2C marketer, come and find out how Coca Cola and Coates have delighted their customers and become AMI award winners. For more details on this event, click here.



The word is good, the year is great

By Michael Locke FAMI CPM, NSW State Councillor

To ensure that members maintain their strategic edge, AMI NSW began 2013 with an insights breakfast entitled '2013 Health Check', presented by IBISWorld Founder and Chairman Phil Ruthven. Phil is widely considered the nation’s most respected strategist and futurist on business, social and economic matters.

The abridged version of his presentation is that in comparison with our neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific (a relatively small geographic region expected to account for 30% of the world’s economy), 2013 is quite dull. But in comparison to the other seven regions, the year will be very positive and strong. More so, it is expected to improve from there.

Along with compelling, well-supported data on Australia’s economic future, Phil also provided some great insights into our social, political and technological directions across 2013. He also identified some major issues or opportunities (depending how people choose to address them) that will present to marketers and businesses during the remainder of the decade.

As one guest commented upon leaving the breakfast, it was “a terrific way for the AMI to kick off 2013”.



Recruitment time for the committee

Join the AMI NSW Emerging Marketers Committee! We are recruiting to fill two positions. We encourage all young marketers to apply for both positions to maximise your chances; see details at http://bit.ly/JoinEMNSW

For more information, please contact Jason Lewis, NSW Emerging Marketers, at nsw@ami.org.au

Next event

NSW Emerging Marketers will host a networking event on 2 April. This will enable you to meet other young professionals across many industries. Table topics will be introduced to generate conversation around key topics that young marketers will strike in their everyday work.

For example, how important will social media marketing be for 2013? Is Facebook losing its appeal with the younger market? Look forward to a fun, social and conversational night that expands your marketing knowledge and builds your networks.


Coming state events

B2C and B2B networking event – 27 March, 2013 at NSW Trade and Investment Centre, Sydney. Guest speakers:

  • Mike Wilson, Chairman and Managing Director, Naked Communications, on 'Coca-Cola Share a Coke Campaign'.
  • Mark Cain, Executive General Manager Market Strategy and Planning, Coates Hire, on  'Coates Hire: Brand Revitalisation Campaign'

For more details and registration information, click here.

'BIG Data', breakfast event, May, 2013.

Elizabeth Moore is the best person in town to know how to actually use big data to drive business outcomes.  She drove it for the 'Dare to be different' CBA campaign and now Telstra's new campaign. This event is one to look out for!



Quick checkpoints for building a brand

By Michael Locke FAMI CPM, NSW State Councillor

A brand is demonstrably the most important and sustainable asset any organisation can build. However, brands are not built overnight – nor are they the sole property of big corporations. Building brands takes courage, investment, intelligence, differentiation, foresight, openness and a great deal of consistency at every level.

To build an enduring brand in today's market a company must:

  • maintain focus on the end purchaser
  • understand and strive for 'complete design' at every level
  • build compelling products and services that are the embodiment of your brand
  • be committed to the stakeholders (not just shareholders or consumers) that touch your brand from factory to furnace
  • be consistent at every level
  • learn to tell your story succinctly (anonymity is good for spies, not leaders). As a general rule if you can't explain why you are different in 25 words or less, you're not
  • create brand communications distinctive enough to cut through the competing cacophony and message mash
  • learn to embrace new communication technology and utilise the empowerment it has provided the customer
  • unite your sales and marketing teams so they share metrics and rewards without being in each other’s pockets – keeping each other on the ball, in a positive, productive manner
  • be aware of the impacts, benefits, and costs of your tactical and strategic plans and the difference between them
  • ensure the strategic plans are truly integrated
  • think beyond the next sale
  • be dedicated to the whole journey
  • concentrate yourself, your business and your customers on your brand more than the competitors' prices.
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For short biographies of NSW Council members, click here

New South Wales State Council 2012/13
President: Maryjane Aviles AFAMI CPM Vice-president: Michael Locke FAMI CPM. Councillors: Christopher Mooney FAMI CPM (state director to National Board) | Nicholas Ridis FAMI CPM  | Frank Cohen AFAMI CPM | Joel Goodsir AFAMI CPM | Mahesh Enjeti AFAMI CPM | Peter Griffin AMAMI CPM | Mara Patterson AMAMI CPM | Luke Westley AMAMI | Mohamad Kader FAMI CPM | Rick Wilson AMAMI CPM | Sean Grant AFAMI CPM | Julie Toma AMAMI CPM | Ann Combe AMAMI CPM
State event manager: to be advised. Post: GPO Box 5295 Sydney NSW 2001.
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