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President's report

By Erika Dauner, President, AMI SA Council

With Mad March underway in Adelaide, the SA Council has also been mad at work on revitalising our events, membership offerings and communications.

Our 2013 event schedule has been finalised with many varied topics and different types of events set to meet the needs of our members. This year we will be hosting a corporate luncheon to meet the needs of busy marketers.

We plan to work this year on revitalising our membership offering and in turn widening our membership base. Stay tuned for further details.

From the education side, relationships continue strongly with at least two institutions pursuing AMI accreditation and at least one continuing to support student memberships. With the Emerging Marketers group taking a strong lead in generating student interest and conduct of events, the AMI profile within education in SA remains strong.

And remember, don’t wait for the next newsletter to read about what we are doing. Join us on our new LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Connect, network and discuss local issues with your fellow SA marketers. We look forward to meeting you online or at one of our events this year.

New SA brand launch 

After months of consultation and planning, the new brand for South Australia has been launched – check out the Youtube video!

And see what some of Adelaide's leading marketers told InDaily they thought of it – click here.


Emerging Marketers update

By Claire Colebeck, Chair, Emerging Marketers

To kick of the year, Emerging Marketers will host an event designed to provide insight into the various avenues that marketing can take you. We often find at our events young marketers and students are torn between the various career paths, unsure on what each area entails and how to get there, whether it is professional services, product, creative, advertising, wine or government.

Emerging Marketers has decided that for our first professional development event of the year we will explore these avenues and show young marketers what each area is about. With the help of marketing professionals who work in each area, we are going to showcase the good, bad and ugly. It will be a great event to network and to draw some insights and understanding about the direction in which to take your career.

We welcome our newest members to the Emerging Marketers committee, Phil Lynch and Vanessa Calvaresi, who bring some fresh ideas and approaches to our events and programs. Phil and Vanessa have replaced two of our longstanding committee members, Alicia Forman and Robert McArthur, who have both gained promotions interstate. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alicia and Robert for their commitment, hard work, enthusiasm and passion for Emerging Marketers and in particular marketing. 

Keep an eye out for updates, events, job opportunities and trends in the marketplace on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/emergingmarketerssa


Upcoming state events

Do you enjoy attending the AMI SA events? Like to network with your fellow marketers? Don’t miss your opportunity to attend, network and learn about the latest marketing trends over breakfast or evening drinks.

Breakfast seminars. Start your day with a cooked breakfast, great coffee and the latest insights from our guest speakers. What better way to start your day!

  • Thursday 16 May
  • Thursday 27 June

Breakfast events will be held from 7.30-9am at The Lion Hotel, Melbourne Street, North Adelaide.

Evening seminars. Relax and finish your day with a glass of fine wine and learn about the latest developments in marketing.

  • Thursday 24 October
  • Thursday 14 November

Evening events will be held from 5.30-7pm at The Armoury, The South Australian Museum, North Terrace, Adelaide.

Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) seminars. Want more of an insight about strategic marketing issues? Then attend one of our Certified Practising Marketers events, where the insights are focused on high level strategic issues.

  • Monday 25 March – more details
  • Tuesday 7 May
  • Tuesday 30 July
  • Monday 28 October
  • Tuesday 12 November

CPM events will be held from 5.30-7pm in the Basten Room, Mitchell Building, University of Adelaide, North Terrace campus.

And don’t forget the key date: Monday 12 to Friday 16 August for our annual Marketing Week event. This year's theme is 'Energise, Turn on, Motivate, Inspire…' and the venue will be Adelaide Festival Centre.



Barry Salter FAMI CPM

Barry has run his own marketing consultancy, Salter Marketing & Events, for the past two years. He has extensive experience in marketing, event and association management with a particular interest in global marketing and destination promotion.

Barry is a past AMI SA President and is SA's current Director on the AMI National Board and a member of its professional development committee. He is a member of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Asian Business at Uni SA. Barry’s previous positions include: Executive Manager of the Council for International Trade & Commerce SA; Chief Executive of the Barossa Wine & Tourism Association; Marketing Consultant for Export Solutions Pty Ltd; Marketing Manager at Burswood Resort Hotel & Casino in Perth; and Marketing Activities Director for Adelaide University Union.

Campaigns that he has been involved in include: 'Meet the Faces Behind the Places' at CITCSA; 'Wake Up in the Barossa', and 'Paint the Town Red' at Burswood. He was the co-founder of the 'Barossa Under the Stars' event. Barry has an economics degree from the University of Adelaide.



Data can be inexpensive — mistakes can be costly

By Dr Cullen Habel, Adjunct Lecturer in Marketing and Market Research, University of Adelaide

As I speak to several commercial research providers I hear of some very low prices being quoted – and awarded. I also see many surveys going out from small businesses that will – presumably – give them some reasonable sample sizes. This appears to be two sides of the same coin. Many businesses are seeing how easy it might be to collect some data and make more informed marketing decisions.

The website Survey Monkey says it all. This free data collection tool has placed online surveys at the fingertips of those of us with an internet connection and some computer skills. In the right hands, an online survey can be gold; it provides insights that will reduce the risk of your next product launch or ad spend. I’m all for more data when making marketing decisions – to a point.

But the power of low cost data collection needs to be balanced by the responsibility to do the research correctly. We still need to have a research question, think about sampling protocols, analyse the data sensibly and approach our research ethically. Just as a young person with Photoshop might not be your best graphic designer, a fast learner with an online survey tool may not make a complete market researcher.

I think there’s a place for some market research training or refresher courses for the many of us who conduct in-house market research. All power to the marketers who decide to collect some data before proceeding. As the data collection (and analysis) tools become more widely available we should arm ourselves with a mindset to step through the market research process carefully. And our businesses will benefit.


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South Australia State Council 2012/13
President: Erika Dauner AMAMI. Councillors: Barry Salter FAMI CPM (also state director to the National Board) | Kevin Robinson FAMI CPM | Dr Cullen Habel AMAMI | Anita Berry AFAMI CPM | Gianna Ferrara FAMI CPM | Christopher Dalton AMAMI | Matthew Lees AMAMI | Michael Ewer AMAMI | Margaret Faulkner AMAMI CPM | Ramona Dalton AMAMI | Daniel Perotti AMAMI
State event manager: Virginia Swan. Post: PO Box 211, Semaphore SA 5019.
Ph: (08) 8242 0505. Fax: (08) 8242 6505. Email: sa@ami.org.au
Membership inquiries: 1300 737 445 or membership@ami.org.au

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