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President's message

By Jo Bailey, President, AMI Tasmania Council

Welcome to the first president's message for 2013. There have been several changes in the running of the AMI in Tasmania.

The State President for the past few years, Vanessa Cox, has resigned to focus on her young family and successful business. I have been elected as the new State President and I am also the Marketing Director for UTAS.

Vanessa did an amazing job during some difficult times, implementing an impressive event and awards program that was well attended and successful. Vanessa has handed me an organisation in great shape.

I am keen to keep the momentum up and I'm really looking forward to expanding the influence of the AMI in Tasmania. In particular, I'm really keen to see the Institute reach out to small businesses.

Tasmania really needs the small business sector to flourish and add to the state's wealth, and I think the AMI is in the unique situation to make a real contribution. It's for that reason that many of the local events will focus on sharing business marketing successes. We are particularly keen for members to experience firsthand what some of Tasmania's successful businesses are doing.

Our first event is on Wednesday 13 March at DJ Motors. The event, 'Closing the Deal', is a cocktail party and panel discussion focusing on the relationship between marketing and sales. Panel members are Ant Manton, Andrew Reimer and current Tasmanian Marketer of the Year, Tania Hinden.

Another change in the AMI is Richard Gerathy taking over the role of State Event Manager from Jesse Philp. Richard has been involved in marketing for more than 25 years in large and small businesses and government. Richard is a CPM and Fellow of the AMI and has been running a communications business, Gerathy & Madison, with his wife Maria for almost nine years. Richard can be reached on 0419 203 075.



  • 13 March, 'Closing the Deal', cocktail party and panel discussion about marketing and sales. Venue: DJ Motors more details
  • 8 May 8, TMAG, Marketing the Arts. Cocktail party and presentation. Venue: The New Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery



Tania Hinden FAMI CPM

Retail automotive is one of the toughest retail sectors in Australia, and Tania Hinden, Marketing Manager of the DJ Motors group of companies, has been part of the industry for nine years.

Tania’s career has been built in the hospitality, media and advertising industries. This has provided her with some unique insights into the relationship between marketing and sales.

DJ Motors has been a leader in the automotive industry in Tasmania for more than 50 years. Its business has been built on sound marketing strategies and a strong CRM program. Repeat and referral business is central to DJ Motors’ success and today generates 60% of sales for the company.

Tania describes her role at DJ Motors as having one aim – to create opportunities to do business across all business units. As a result of this, every marketing activity has to have a sales outcome.

Tania has been a member of the AMI for 15 years and is Fellow and a Certified Practising Marketer. She was awarded the prize of Tasmanian Marketer of the Year in 2012.


One hot trend

CITYSUMERS | The hundreds of millions (and growing!) of experienced and sophisticated urbanites, from San Francisco to Shanghai to São Paulo, who are ever more demanding and more open-minded, but also more proud, more connected, more spontaneous and more try-out-prone, eagerly snapping up a whole host of new urban goods, services, experiences, campaigns and conversations.

The three drivers behind the CITYSUMERS trend:

  • The huge increase in the number of urban dwellers all around the world (URBAN BOOM).
  • The ever-increasing wealth and power of cities and those who live in them (URBAN MIGHT).
  • The spread of urban culture and values (URBANE).

Serving these CITYSUMERS obviously requires brands to tailor products and campaigns to savvy urban audiences: for anything from practical reasons (offering appropriate shapes, sizes and features of urban goods and services) to showing the brand 'gets' it (addressing busy and diverse lifestyles) to contributing to the quest for social and environmental sustainability.

First published in trendwatching.com

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Tasmania State Council 2012/13
President: Jo Bailey AFAMI CPM. Deputy president: Suzie Jacobson AMAMI. Councillors: Heather Francis FAMI CPM (state director to the National Board) | Georgie Fenn-Smith AFAMI CPM | Linda Manaena AFAMI CPM | Tori Van Nieuwkuyk | Tania Hinden FAMI CPM | William Townsend
State manager: Richard Gerathy AMAMI. Post: level 5, 39 Murray Street, Hobart.
Ph: 0419 203 075. Email: tas@ami.org.au. Membership inquiries: 1300 737 445 or membership@ami.org.au

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