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President's message

Taking stock

By Martin Purcell AMAMI, Vice-President, AMI Western Australia Council

Sometimes it’s important to review what you are doing and really take stock of the activities and actions being undertaken. Over the past five years much of the focus has been on planning and plotting the events and workshop calendar in order to provide important professional development to our members and to the marketing community within the state.

The early part of this year, however, has been spent reviewing and reflecting on the nature of services we provide and the way in which we both engage and retain our members. To this end, the WA Council has established three subcommittees, each charged with the task of evaluating and redefining the services we provide to our members and the role that we have to play as leaders in the marketing community. These three subcommittees are:

  • Member Engagement Committee – formed to help the WA Council review and develop membership engagement opportunities for AMI in WA.
  • Professional Advancement Committee – formed to help review and develop professional development opportunities.
  • Leadership and Communication Committee – formed to help the council review and develop the leadership role for the AMI in Western Australia.

Over the next few months the impetus will be on developing a clear blueprint for the way forward, so that we can be even more confident that the professional development workshop content we provide is right on the mark, that we are actively engaging with our members in a way that increases their member benefits, and that we are actively recruiting new members with a clear and powerful message.


Emerging Marketers Update

Emerging Marketers (EM) WA began the year reflecting on 2012 and where the WA market stands. With the market as competitive as ever, we felt a need to deliver unique value for young and upcoming WA marketers for 2013.  After some consideration, we're excited to launch a number of events for the first half of the year.

  • Scheduled university visits will occur in April. These aim to educate marketing students on the tips to succeed in the industry and the career paths available upon graduation.
  • The 2013 Mentor Program will start in May. Registrations will soon open and launch details will be provided closer to the date.
  • There are exciting tours/excursions of both the client side and the agency side planned for June.

The EM WA committee welcomes new members and old members rejoining. We always value your feedback and suggestions; send an email to emwa@ami.org.au with your ideas.


Marketing tip

By Martin Purcell AMAMI

Don’t have video on your website or a YouTube channel? It’s time. You don’t need the highly engineered and polished corporate DVDs of yesteryear. Now it’s about quick, rapidly shot and easily editable snippets that require minimal production.

With better bandwidth (getting faster all the time), rich video media is viewable anywhere, anytime and creates an impact unlike other media forms. The way Google ranks and integrates with YouTube and video makes it a smart move. Make it memorable and compelling either with a great story or parody and it might just go viral. That wouldn’t hurt your ranking either!

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Western Australia State Council 2012/13
President: Fred Meyer AFAMI CPM. Deputy president: Martin Purcell AMAMI. Secretary: Liz Del Borrello AMAMI. Treasurer: Marco Cicchine FAMI CPM (also state director to the National Board). Councillors: Katarina Murray AMAMI CPM | Ashley Whitworth AFAMI CPM | Gemma Williams AMAMI | Karen Carriero AMAMI | Nicholas Harvey FAMI CPM | Dr Lianne Cretney-Barnes FAMI CPM | Nicolle Jenkins AMAMI CPM | Stefan Schoombee (student representative)
State event manager: to be advised. Post: to be advised
Ph: TBA. Mobile: TBA. Email: wa@ami.org.au
Membership inquiries: 1300 737 445 or membership@ami.org.au

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