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Book reviews in the AMI's Marketing Update newsletter during 2007 are available on open access

  • Coolhunting: Chasing down the next big thing
    By Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper. Published by AMACOM (McGraw-Hill), New York, May 2007. 236 pages. RRP: $39.95 (hard cover). ISBN: 13: 978 0 8144 7386 3 and 10: 0 8144 7386 5. Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
  • Churnmore — A true taste of brand management
    By Richard Murray (author) and Laura Holden (illustrator). Published by Williams Murray Hamm, March 2007. Hard cover, 60 pages. 6.60 on Amazon UK. ISBN-10: 0954415620; ISBN-13: 978-0954415624. Reviewed by Roger James FAMI CPM (go to)
  • 101 Ways to have a Business and a Life — Tips for creating balance, harmony and fulfilment in your business life
    By Andrew Griffiths. Published by Allen & Unwin, NSW, 2007. 245 pages (paperback). RRP $24.95. ISBN: 978 1 74114 787 2. Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
  • Public Relations Disasters Talespin — Inside Stories and Lessons Learned
    By Gerry McCusker. Published by Kogan Page, London, 2006. Paperback, 328 pages. RRP $31. ISBN 0 7494 4572 6. Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
  • The Shredder Test — The Australian guide to writing winning proposals
    By Robyn Haydon. Published by Monterey Press, Carlton North, Victoria, 2007. Paper back, 162 pages. RRP $27.50. ISBN 978 0 9751474 3 6. Available online at www.winningwords.com.au and at selected bookshops. Reviewed by Paula Ruzek (go to)
  • The Passionate Professional — Creating value, success, prosperity
    By Linda Julian. Published by Julian Midwinter & Associates Pty Ltd, Mosman, 2007. Paperback, 252 pages. RRP $29.50. ISBN 9780 6464 5926 4. Available online at www.julianmidwinter.com.au. Reviewed by Clint Rodgers FAMI CPM (go to)
  • The Power of Nice — How To Conquer The World With Kindness
    By Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval. Published by Allen & Unwin, 2007. Paper back, 127 pages. RRP $19.95. ISBN 978 1 74175 095 9. Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
  • The Best Job in the World
    DVD and book set. By Martin Glenn. Published by Shoulders of Giants, Compton House Publishing, United Kingdom, 2005. RRP 49.75. ISBN: 13 978 0 9549518 0 8. Buy online at http://www.shoulders-of-giants.co.uk. Reviewed by Linda Brennan AMAMI CPM (go to)
  • Your Employer Brand — attract, engage, retain
    By Brett Minchington. Published by Collective Learning Australia, 2006. 232 pages (inc. index). RRP: $89 (pb). Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
  • Marketing Excellence — Winning companies reveal the secrets of their success
    By Hugh Burkitt and John Zeally. Published by John Wiley UK, 2006. 373 pages (hard cover). RRP $68.95. ISBN 13 978-0-470-06027-8 (HB) and 10 470-06027-1 (HB). Reviewed by Roger James FAMI CPM (go to)
  • Marketing in the Boardroom — Questions directors might ask and what to look for in the answers
    By Kevin Luscombe, Graeme Chipp and Peter Fitzgerald. Published by Growth Solutions Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 2007. 143 pages (pb). RRP: $39.95. ISBN: 1 92089 263 X. Reviewed by Suzanne Pollock AMAMI (go to)
  • Trump University Marketing 101
    By Don Sexton, with foreword by Donald Trump. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, 2006. 319 pages. RRP: $33.95 (HC). ISBN: 0 471 91690 0. Reviewed by Michael Erwin (go to)
  • Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People's Minds
    By Howard Gardner. Published by Harvard Business School Press, Boston 2006. 243 pages (hard cover). ISBN: 13: 978 0 8144 7390 0; 10: 0 8144 7390 3. Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
  • How the Paper Fish Learned to Swim — A fable about inspiring creativity and bringing new ideas to life
    By Jonathon A. Flaum, with illustrations by Raina Bays. Published by AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association; New York, 2006. 146 pages (hard cover). ISBN: 0 8144 088 5 and 978 0 8144 0888 9. Reviewed by Dr Linda Brennan AMAMI CPM (go to)
  • Marketing to the 50+ Market
    By Gill Walker. DVD format, produced and distributed by Evergreen Marketing Communications, Victoria, 2006. RRP $76.95 plus $10 postage. Available from www.evergreenmc.com.au. Reviewed by Rajeev Kamineni (go to)
  • The Ambush Marketing Toolkit
    By Kim Skildum-Reid. Published as an e-book by Power Sponsorship, New South Wales, 2006. RRP: $33. 115 pages. ISBN 1 921097 04 3 (PDF). Reviewed by Suzanne Pollock AMAMI (go to). NOW ALSO available as a hard-copy book published by McGraw Hill Australia in late 2007.
  • BOOM: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer — The Baby Boomer Woman
    By Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn. Published by AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association, New York, 2006. 238 pages (hard cover). ISBN: 13: 978 0 8144 7390 0 and 10: 0 8144 7390 3. Reviewed by Bob Crawshaw AMAMI (go to)
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