The Creative Renaissance podcasts are a series of interviews of 10-17 minutes in which thought leaders and innovators at the forefront of the marketing and communication industries are asked six key questions.

The podcasts, which are MP3 files, can be played directly from the site via your computer or downloaded to your own computer for transfer to a portable MP3 player. Please note that if you play a file from the site, it will take about one minute to begin using a broadband connection, and longer on a dial-up connection. (Go to information on playing or downloading a podcast)

Series 7: Creative Renaissance

This series examines the changing face of creativity as campaigns increasingly become holistic to cope with the multitude of platforms that marketers now need to engage with their customers.

The series is an educational initiative supported by the Australian Association of National Advertisers and the Australian Marketing Institute. Peter Stephenson, the principal of On Create, interviews industry leaders from Australia and overseas to explore what the future has in store for marketers, agencies and the communications industry.


Podcast Bob Liodice
Warren Brown podcast
Sir John Hegarty podcast
Anthony Freedman podcast

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To play or download a podcast

The podcasts are MP3 files and range in size from 5-10MB. They can be played direct from the site via computer, downloaded and played on your computer, or downloaded and played on a portable MP3 player. Note that if you play from the site, it will take at around one minute for the file to begin playing using a broadband connection (longer with a dial-up connection).

To download:

  • Windows users: right-click on the podcast and select 'Save target as'
  • Apple users: drag and drop the link to your desktop, or control+click and select 'Download link to disk'. 

The podcast series have been developed by On Create and produced in conjunction with Stellar Sound.

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