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 Marketer with masters seeks Australian experience  Sydney


Posted 4 December 2012


Marketer with masters seeks Australian experience

I am looking for an opportunity to be part of a marketing department as an intern after finishing my Masters of Marketing in UNSW. I am a Colombian graduate and have been in Australia for more than five years. I am hardworking, well organised, a quick learner and I love analysing data for marketing needs.

I have experience in business development and marketing in the education industry, having developed a new market for a Korean education agency in Australia that is now weighting more than 30% of company sales.

In Colombia, my experience and professional growth were obtained working in pharmaceutical, retail and labs. I worked in one of  most important Colombian distributor-clients in the Coffee Axis region, and the number one Colombian Lab of the pharmaceutical market, according to the IMS report published in May-June 2008. In the latter, I have led 40 merchandisers to promote an OTC, generics and pharma portfolio into the whole outlet network of the capital of Colombia.

Those companies gave me the tools and understanding of the value chain of the pharmaceutical sector, with the objective to execute strategies successfully and manage people to achieve sales goals.

I would like to combine my previous backgrounds with a FMCG or retailing experience in Australia. I believe that my pharmaceutical experience will be valuable in any work that I do. With greater qualifications and English proficiency, I can prove my creative thinking, my problem solving skill and resourcefulness to find effective ways to meet customer needs.

A high salary is not important to me and I am happy to volunteer as well as I prepare to start my English-language marketing career. My aim is to keep improving my English skills and being focused on learning and being trained about Australian business practices.

I am available part time as I am continuing my job as a Latin market developer. For further information, to request a resume or arrange an interview, please contact me, Mauricio Varon Restrepo, at maovaron@hotmail.com or mobile 0400 758 213.



Internship legalities

Before posting an internship opportunity organisations should be aware of the principles put forward by the Fair Work Ombudsman. The following should be considered by both employers and students.

1. It is only lawful for a student to undertake an unpaid work placement that is part of a vocational placement or where the student is undertaking work for a volunteer organisation.

2. Section 12 of the Fair Work Act 2009 defines vocational placement as a placement that is:

(a) Undertaken with an employer for which a person is not entitled to be paid any remuneration; and
(b) Undertaken as a requirement of an education or training course; and
(c) Authorised under a law or an administrative arrangement of the Commonwealth, a State or Territory.

3. Unpaid work experience will be a "requirement of an education or training course" where it is necessary for the completion of the student's qualification or enables them to receive credit towards the completion of their qualification.

4. The legality of unpaid "work observation" should be considered on a case by case basis depending on what it is actually likely to entail.

5. It is not lawful for an employer to accept work and not pay remuneration in other circumstances.

6. It is possible for parties to enter into less formal work experience arrangements other than vocational placements but only if no employment relationship (formal or informal) is entered into. Parties who are considering this should seek legal advice first.

The consequences of an unpaid placement not falling within these exemptions under the Act is that the intern is deemed to be an employee and is legally entitled to at least the minimum wage.

The Australian Marketing Institute understands the value of internships and volunteer experience for students and hopes with the above information you can move forward with a successful internship. It is the employer¡¦s duty to adhere to the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Australian Marketing Institute does not take responsibility for employers and interns who do not comply with the set guidelines.

For further information please visit www.fairwork.gov.au

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